The Art of Wonder
is a showcase of artistry, curiosity, tradition and inspiration.

Inspired by Kerrisdale’s rich British heritage dating back to the early 1800s, we invite you to step into an elevated world of exploration through the vibrant elements that bring wonder to life. Here, fine craft meets whimsical detail, tradition dances with modernity, and the places and spaces we call home are infused with a new perspective.

A Secret Garden

Crystal Palace

In 1851, The Crystal Palace was built in London to house works of 14,000 exhibitors for The Great Exhibition. The structure still stands as an ode to architecture, artistry and human wonder. With the same precision and deep understanding of the positive impact grand artistic gestures make on our world, Gryphon celebrates the art of wonder with every detail and experience we create. And what better way to showcase it than with our own Glass Pavilion.

English Gardens

Inspired by the whimsical gardens of Alice in Wonderland, secret gardens open to a world of curiosity and exploration, of art and craft, and of expecting the unexpected. It is here that art and imagination unfold.

Kerrisdale Background

Kerrisdale has a long and rich history, starting with its first settlers from the UK who arrived in the 1800s. Establishing this as the site of a CP rail stop, one of the neighbourhood’s earliest residents named the site after her family home in Scotland, Kerry’s Dale, meaning “seats of the fairies”. Since then Kerrisdale has been a coveted neighbourhood of Vancouver’s West Side, dotted with character mansions and old-growth tree lined streets and perfectly manicured gardens.

The British heritage is what inspired the creation of an experience intended to celebrate the charm of Kerrisdale and its continued evolution.

The Art of Tea

Tea has been a time-honoured tradition of bringing people together, inspiring dialogue, and forging communities for hundreds of years. From the early days of the Silk Road, it has bridged cultures and civilizations and has had a profound influence in the world. In fact, over 90% of the world share tea or cha/chai as a common language. It is both a craft and an art, from growing, drying and blending, to steeping, sharing and sipping.

In partnership with Vancouver based artisan tea maker, O5 Tea, three delicious brew have been selected, inspired by three elements of the Kerrisdale neighbourhood.

The Art of Wonder is a reflection of Gryphon’s inspirations through art and deep appreciation of Kerrisdale’s idyllic neighbourhood.

About Gryphon


Rooted in Gryphon’s philosophy that art goes beyond paintings and sculptures, Gryphon sees artists in all fields, be they architects, designers, musicians and beyond. It is the perspective of these artists and the belief that Art Lives Here that inspires Gryphon to create better homes.

From Brent Comber to fresh graduates out of Emily Carr to the Interior Design Show Vancouver, Gryphon has hosted numerous exhibitions in the past - not only to provide a platform for all artists but to be able to share its inspirations with the community.

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